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What would be your ideal candidate's preferred philosophy regarding JOB CREATION?

I'm not an American, but my own view regarding the creation of jobs in any country is to do with the fact that Big Business generally likes to achieve economies of scale so that they can create efficiencies that enable them to do more with fewer workers, while smaller businesses generally like to take on people as they grow. So, in short, Big Business likes to fire people while smaller businesses (when allowed) like to take on more people.

So, corporation tax regimes should favour smaller, growing companies - whether in the energy sector or other industries - while red tape that holds managers back from recruiting people should be scrapped for small firms. For example, here in the UK workers' rights such as maternity leave and greater job protection means that managers of small businesses need to think long and hard before they make a hiring decision. 

Sadly, politicians of all hues appear to see Big Business as their main constituency...

Sadly I must agree with you.  Our congress is beholden to the business lobbies.  If you don't give them money they can't seem to hear what you're saying.


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